G01 G-Code Command

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G01 G-Code Command

In CNC machining, G01 refers to a G-code command that instructs the machine to move in a straight line at a specified feed rate. It is commonly used for linear interpolation, which means that the machine moves from one point to another in a straight line while maintaining a constant feed rate. The G01 command is typically followed by coordinates that specify the endpoint of the movement. For example, G01 X10 Y5 would instruct the machine to move in a straight line to the point with X-coordinate 10 and Y-coordinate 5.

How G01 G-Code Command is used

Here’s an example of how the G01 command might be used in a G-code program for CNC machining:

( This program will cut a rectangular pocket in a piece of material )

( Set up the machine )
G20                  ( Set units to inches )
G90                  ( Set absolute positioning )
G54                  ( Select work offset 1 )

( Move to the starting position )
G00 X1.0 Y1.0 Z0.1   ( Rapid move to the start of the cut )

( Begin cutting the pocket )
M03 S2000             ( Turn on the spindle at 2000 RPM )
G01 Z-0.2 F10.0      ( Move down to the cutting depth at a feed rate of 10 inches per minute )
G01 X4.0             ( Move horizontally to the right side of the pocket )
G01 Y3.0             ( Move vertically to the top of the pocket )
G01 X1.0             ( Move horizontally to the left side of the pocket )
G01 Y1.0             ( Move vertically back to the starting point )

( End the program )
M05                  ( Turn off the spindle )
M30                  ( Stop the spindle and end the program )

In this basic example, the G01 command is used four times to move the machine in a straight line to cut the rectangular pocket. The first G01 command moves the machine down to the cutting depth at a feed rate of 10 inches per minute, while the remaining G01 commands move the machine horizontally and vertically to cut the sides of the pocket.