G04 G-Code Command

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G04 G-Code Command

G04 is a G-code command used in CNC machining to introduce a dwell time or pause in the machining operation. When the G04 command is executed, the machine will stop moving for a specified amount of time before continuing with the next command. This can be useful for allowing a cutting tool to cool down or for waiting for a coolant to take effect. The duration of the pause is specified in seconds or milliseconds, depending on the machine’s configuration. The G04 command is commonly used in combination with other G-codes to create complex machining operations.

How G04 G-Code Command is used

Here’s an example of how the G04 command might be used in a CNC machining program:

G00 X0 Y0   (rapid move to starting position)
G01 Z-0.5 F100   (begin cutting at a feed rate of 100 mm/min)
G01 X10 Y10 F200   (move diagonally at a faster feed rate of 200 mm/min)
G04 P5000   (pause for 5 seconds)
G01 X20 Y0 F100   (continue cutting at a slower feed rate of 100 mm/min)
G01 Z-1   (move the cutting tool down by 1 mm)
G01 X0 Y0   (return to starting position)
M30   (end of program)

In this example, the G04 command is used to introduce a 5-second pause in the machining operation after the machine has moved to position X10 Y10. During this pause, the cutting tool can cool down or a coolant can take effect before the machine continues with the next command.