G80 G-Code Command

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G80 G-Code Command

G80 is a common code used in CNC machining that refers to canceling a canned cycle. A canned cycle is a pre-programmed sequence of operations that is commonly used in CNC machining to simplify the programming process.

When a G80 command is executed, it cancels the current canned cycle.

It’s worth noting that the specific functionality of G80 may vary depending on the specific CNC machine being used, as different machines may have different interpretations of the code.

How G80 G-Code Command Is Used

Here’s an example of how G80 might be used in a G code program:

G90  (Set absolute positioning mode)
G54  (Select work offset 1)
G00 X0 Y0 Z0  (Rapid move to starting position)
G81 R1.0 Z-10.0 F100.0  (Begin drilling cycle at depth -10.0mm, feed rate 100.0mm/min)
G80  (Cancel drilling cycle)
G00 Z10.0  (Rapid move to clear workpiece)
M30  (End of program)

In this example, the program begins by setting the machine to absolute positioning mode and selecting the first work offset. It then rapidly moves to the starting position and begins a drilling cycle with a retract distance of 1.0mm, a depth of -10.0mm, and a feed rate of 100.0mm/min.

Then the G80 command is executed, canceling the cycle and returning the machine to the starting position. The program then rapidly moves to clear the workpiece and ends with the M30 command.