7 Step Beginners Guide to CNC PDF

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Cnc Handbook pdf

I started this website with the goal of helping a hobbyist get started using a Cnc machine. 

This is a process I took for granted having spent my working life using them, until I got started writing that is…

I quickly realised that It is really difficult to explain on a website.

I wrote my first articles in an order which I thought was logical, only to realise my visitors did not read them in any particular order.

They don’t even read all of them, typically just a couple of pages, then they go, never to return.

So I decided to write up a pdf, a 7 step guide to machining pdf.

7 step cover image

I figured that if I offered a ‘freebie’ it would get downloaded and was a perfect opportunity to give an overview of the articles I have written.

This would explain how they fit into the process of creating a project from initial idea to finished result.

Introduction to Cnc Milling

One of the most difficult aspects of teaching machining is explaining the ‘cnc process’.

How do you get from an idea to a finished project, what software do you need, what tools do you have to buy etc.

I divided the process into 7 steps.

A quick to read overview with hyperlinks to relevant articles in most of the steps.

The most difficult part, I suspect, will be creating a G Code program for you to test this process, so I made one for you.

If you download the 7 step guide you will get access to three programs that will machine a simple spider shape

digital and wood spider

I included instructions to set up and run the programs and details of the tools needed.

If you have never run a cnc machine before, these programs should be a good example of what your machine will need to do to get to a finished project successfully.

I programmed them so they are usable on a 3018 cnc engraver, these machines are probably the least capable you can buy. So if the programs can run on them, they can run on any machine.

Just fill in the form below to download the 7 step Beginners Guide to Cnc and get the G Code files to run.