G83 G-Code Command

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G83 G-Code Command

G83 is a G-code used in CNC machining to drill holes with peck drilling. Peck drilling is a technique used to drill deep holes in metal or other materials by retracting the drill bit periodically to clear chips and cool the bit. G83 is used to control the peck drilling process and specifies the depth, feed rate, and retract distance for each peck. It is commonly used in machining operations that require deep holes, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.

How G83 G-Code Command Is Used

Here is an example of how G83 could be used in a G-code program for drilling a hole with peck drilling, with comments in brackets and a spindle on command for 725 RPM:

T01 M06          (Select tool 1, perform tool change)
G90              (Set absolute positioning mode)
G54              (Select work offset coordinate system)
M03 S725         (Turn on spindle clockwise at 725 RPM)
G00 X0 Y0     (Rapid move to start position)
G43 Z10 H01      (Rapid move to Z safe height position, activate tool length compensation)
G00 X10 Y10      (Rapid move to hole position)
G83 Z-20 R5 Q2 F100  (Peck drilling cycle with a depth of -20mm, peck increment of 2mm, clearance height of 5mm and a feed rate of 100 mm/min.)
G80             (Cancel peck drilling cycle)
M05             (Stop spindle)
G00 Z50         (Rapid move to clearance height)
M30             (End of program)

In this example, the program begins by performing a tool change, setting the machine to absolute positioning mode, selecting a work offset coordinate system, and turning on the spindle at 725 RPM. The program then moves to the hole position, and initiates the G83 peck drilling cycle with specified parameters. After the cycle is complete, the program cancels the cycle, stops the spindle, and moves to a clearance height before ending the program. Another peck drilling cycle is the G73 G-Code command.